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Across the country HighPoint Medical supplies some of the most critical components necessary to operate a successful practice in today’s medical setting. During times of uncertainty and hesitation in our healthcare surroundings, solid business calls for influence and input that is based on sound principles and a successful track record. To this call HighPoint answers and engages with resilient solutions. Our team offers one of the most comprehensive selections of core services available in the industry! By linking expertise, technology, and customer service, HighPoint Medical is dedicated to refining systems for medical clinics, provider practices, and hospitals nationwide.


Here are just a few of the specialties you will find in our roster of services:

- Electronic Medical & Health Records
- Revenue Cycle Management
- Billing & Collections
- Accounts Receivables
- IT Hosting & Server Support

- Data Backup
- Credentialing
- Month End Reporting
- Back Office Systems
- Software Support & Security

HighPoint Medical is dedicated to each of our clients; in fact, our focus is to engage each of our individual providers as though they were our only patron. This attention to detail means that each practice we engage with is assigned a personal advocate; someone who knows, works with, is concerned about, and held accountable for every aspect of that practice.

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HighPoint Medical, Inc.
693 W Canfield Ave.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
Phone: 866.766.1335
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”Personally I believe High Point Medical to be more than a billing company. They are friends, confidants and sounding boards when brainstorming. Everyone on staff is talented and willing to help at any given time. I would highly recommend High Point Medical.”

HighPoint Client

ENT Practice


“HighPoint Medical…..I love your business and what your team has already built.”

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HighPoint Medical Inc.
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693 W Canfield Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
Phone: 866.766.1335 | Fax: 208-209-6169
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