HighPoint Medical Inc.

Our Mission

Your Practice – Our Passion!

Our Strategic Vision

We aim to engage with savvy colleagues that have the gifts and abilities to address people’s core needs. With the acumen of our combined leadership, the rigorous focus on excellence and our instinctive desire to create empowered relationships, we are a dominant leader in information and technology as it applies to the culture of medical practice management. Our clientele can rest assured that our motives are focused on ethics and value as we facilitate and empower them in growing their practice.

Our Team

Providers often ask..."What makes HighPoint Medical different...what sets HighPoint apart from other medical practice management companies?" The best word to describe the difference...Ownership! Ownership that every member of our team takes very personal when we connect with our individual clients in the operations of their practice. Every practice we engage with is assigned a specific person that oversees the particulars of that account. Our philosophy is one of individual care for our clients. Our success is based on the viewpoint "when you do well...we do well". This creates a healthy balance of teamwork between our staff and yours.

HighPoint Medical has recruited a team with an incredible track record of success in areas such as Practice Management, Billing & Collections, Accounts Receivable, IT Support & Hosting, and Electronic Medical Records. Many of the leadership at HighPoint Medical have been working together in practice management for what is now approaching 10 years. With over 130 years of combined staff experience in the medical field, every member of the HighPoint team has embedded in them the desire to provide our clients with superior customer service. This customer service centers around our training which has resulted in markedly increased profits, better working relationships, and higher retention for our providers. As a professional service company, we experience the constant luxury of having full time professionals onsite to troubleshoot and solve our clients concerns. These onsite professionals include Certified Coders, Certified IT Personnel, Bookkeepers, Professional Account Reps, Client Relations Experts, and a CPA.


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HighPoint Medical, Inc.
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HighPoint Medical Inc.
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693 W Canfield Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
Phone: 866.766.1335 | Fax: 208-209-6169
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