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Accurate medical billing and collections services which allow you, the provider, to work “in” your practice while we work “on” your practice. Let the practice management specialists at HighPoint Medical guide your staff and your practice to higher profitability and long term efficiency.


HighPoint Medical works with our provider clients to supply a step by step approach in making the crucial change from paper to EMR/EHR. Embracing this technology can bring your practice to optimum performance levels and significant revenue improvements.


HighPoint Medical’s IT department provides first class support and training for our clients. Our team is dedicated to keeping current on today’s cutting edge technology. With triple redundant data protection and backup, our hosting division provides complete continuity.


Across the nation HighPoint Medical provides our clients with a range of medical practice technology and management solutions. Our track record of having the most advanced billing and IT services along with award winning EMR/EHR software has positioned our company as one of the leading service providers. At HighPoint, our goal is to relieve medical professionals of tedious detail work which can substantially impact the practice's bottom line. Our team will not only concentrate on making things more efficient for your practice and your staff, but will also maximize your returns from insurance carriers. National statistics shows only about 70 percent of insurance claims, initially submitted on paper, are ever paid by insurance carriers. With electronic submission, HighPoint Medical can increase your percentage of claims paid to around 95% of collectable's.

Feel free to contact us and together we can explore the opportunities of taking your practice to the next level…remember, your practice is our passion!

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HighPoint Medical Inc.
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